My name is Katherine Heath. I'm a photographer and social media manager with a love for all things natural, wild, ethical and sustainable. Working in the world of digital communication has turned me into an advocate for the importance of reconnecting with nature and slowing down our busy fast-paced lives once in a while.  

I'm originally from Brighton (hence my love for the ocean). I studied Digital Media at university but then took a year out in Australia where I spent the majority of my time rounding up cows on horseback in a place so remote I thought I'd never find my way out. When I returned to the UK I moved to London for work but didn't plan on staying long–going from wide open spaces bigger than England itself to a bustling city was a dramatic change of lifestyle I thought I was not prepared for. However, 4 years later, I have bought my first flat, had three inspiring jobs and am currently living the dream of working for myself. London's not so bad but it's fast moving, hectic and sometimes overwhelming. My aim now is to find the balance between my digital and natural landscapes and hopefully encourage others to do the same. 

Interview for the 'A Simple Path' series by Linen Beauty: http://linenbeauty.com/2017/09/08/simple-path-social-media-manager-content-creator-katherine-heath/




I am a photographer, social media manager and creative consultant. I'm based in London and work closely with people and their brands helping them to connect with their audience on a personal level and improve their overall online image. I work alongside the talented team at (hug) London heading up all things social over there. At (hug) we specialise in helping young start ups and SMEs build their brands and grow their businesses. 



More This, Less That

More This, Less That is a project started by myself and Rachael Cooney of Seth Style as we felt the ethical industry was in need of a directory that suited a more modern lifestyle. 

In more technical terms.. More This, Less That is an online sourcebook of ethical and sustainable brands, eateries and initiatives across London and further afield. A destination where consumers can discover the people and places trying to make a difference.



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