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Journal 2

Thai in Brighton | Cafe Chilli

Relaxed and authentic with the perfect amount of spice

Optimistically assuming summer was here to stay we had planned a barbecue on the beach down in Brighton on Saturday evening. Those plans had to change once we were politely reminded by storm clouds and a significant drop in temperature that, despite the fact it was July, we were still in England. Luckily for us slightly raw sausages and warm beers (the staples of an English barbecue) were exchanged for refreshing cocktails and a selection of delicious Thai dishes at Hove's Cafe Chilli. All four of us are strong advocates for Thai food and often cook various meals ourselves so it was the ideal choice. I had known about Cafe Chilli for a while but had never had a chance to visit and, I have to say, I'm glad I did! 

Of course they were serving up all of the favourite Thai beers but there was also a small but charmingly unusual cocktail list from which we ordered a couple of Mandarin Punches to start our evening. They were refreshing, fruity, but not too sweet and complemented the prawn crackers perfectly. 

I find the hardest part of visiting a new restaurant is not knowing how much to order. I hate wasting food and so usually find myself asking poor members of staff to guess how much they think I can eat which is not exactly a fair task! Cafe chilli gave it a good go though and got it spot on! On suggestion we shared a couple of starters, as well as the obligatory thai prawn crackers, and then shared 4 main dishes and a salad with a couple of bowls of rice and it was exactly what we needed! None of us like TOO much spice and so went with a few of the 'safer' dishes including a chicken massaman curry and vegetarian yellow curry. We then included a papaya salad which, with a little bit more of a kick to it, freshened up the meal wonderfully. Sharing all of our choices was a great way to try a variety of flavours and I would argue is the best way to enjoy Thai. 

I will deliberately not list every dish and drink we tried as it's all about personal taste and how you feel when you sit down to eat. However, I will say, Cafe Chilli really know their Thai food, and that their staff are friendly, happy to help you choose dishes and work hard to make sure your dining experience is as good as it can be. If you're looking for authentic Thai food at a very reasonable cost I would highly recommend Cafe Chilli. 

P.S. If you stay for after dinner cocktails, or can't quite fit in a dessert, I think it's fair to say we would all recommend the classic, Espresso Martini, and the slightly more unusual Apple Pie on the Rocks.



Open 12 – 3pm / 6 – 10:30pm Tuesday to Sunday. Closed Monday lunchtime only.

Phone: 01273 710390
Address: 8 Church Road, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 2FL


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