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Journal 2

First of The Season: Homemade Rhubarb Crumble

We went back to Brighton last weekend to discover Mum had managed to get her hands on some first-of-the-season rhubarb from Florence Road Market, which meant only one thing. CRUMBLE. 

Dessert is not something we usually have at home, in London or Brighton, it never has been, occasionally we break the rules but only for something REALLY good. Mum's rhubarb crumble certainly fits that description, sharp rhubarb covered by a sweet, buttery crumble, the perfect combination. 

There's something very satisfying about eating seasonally. The excitement of seeing that first crop when the seasons begin to change, the taste of flavours you'd almost forgotten about and the pleasure of cooking with ingredients you know have been grown locally by people passionate about what they're producing. 

We know eating seasonally is great for our health (depending on how much sugar goes into our crumble of course) but I think we forget how good the process is for our mental health too. There is something truly satisfying about sitting down to eat something that is homemade with local, seasonal ingredients that have been bought that morning at the local market from people you know and trust. It is something that is underrated and undermined by the availability of being able to nip into the supermarket and buy anything, anytime of the year, when ever we fancy it. 

Hopefully, with more farmers markets turning up and spreading the joy of local, seasonal eating, we will start to see a change in the way we as a society view food.