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A natural christmas


Reducing waste and enjoying the simpler things nature has to offer. 

Christmas, although merry and joyful, can be a wasteful time of year. Over the past couple of weeks, since stumbling upon many an article that talks about the amounts of wrapping paper wasted each year, I set out to be more resourceful when it comes to wrapping presents and turned to nature for inspiration. I haven't quite got to the 'I'm not wrapping at all' stage yet but there may be a few re-used labels, recycled paper and old string involved. 

I actually started with the gifts themselves, making my own sloe gin, putting together hampers with produce from my local market and buying gifts from local, sustainable stores like PeloBros in Brighton. Once all gifts had been carefully chosen wrapping began... The paper I have used, in addition to a few bits and pieces I had left over from last year, is a recycled kraft paper from Paperchase. Plain but with a lot of potential this paper is not expensive and doesn't rip easily. Next, to avoid my gifts looking like a fairly average postal delivery, I gathered ribbons/string, gift tags, small paper bags, foliage, pine cones, dried oranges, twigs and twine. 

Gift tags I managed to re-use a few and made others out of eco card, ribbons I used off cuts from C&H fabrics as well left over pieces from previous years and the foliage, pine cones and twigs I gathered from local parks.

Although not 100% eco-friendly this year's gifts have been procured with sustainability, ethical practice and supporting local producers in mind. A small step in the right direction. 

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.