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Beautiful jewellery that doesn't cost the earth


You can learn a lot about someone's style, sometimes even their personality, from the jewellery they wear. I think it's because we tend to have those every-day pieces that we feel are uniquely 'us' even when we don't necessarily realise what we're doing. 

I have always been a silver person, I've tried 'going gold' but it's just not me, although occasionally I'll mix and match. But, being a 'silver person', luckily for me, is a lot more affordable. Budget, another issue that will always effect our purchasing decisions.   

To me, buying jewellery is something that cannot be rushed or taken lightly. That may sound ridiculous but I feel the same way about jewellery as I do most things in life. I like to know where it's come from, who has designed/made it and what story it is there to tell. Fashion trends come and go but most of us have a few timeless pieces of much-loved jewellery that we will never let go of and it's those sort of pieces that tend to catch my eye. 

I don't buy jewellery very often as finding ethical jewellery can be time consuming and expensive. But, when I do, I spend time finding pieces I know I will have for a long time and that have come from a sustainable source. 

Just recently I discovered Lines & Current through Instagram. Their elegant yet simple style is very me, I fell in love with their ethos instantly, and they're prices are very reasonable. They make their ethical jewellery from recycled sterling silver and each design is made to last. They also donate 10% of all profits to causes that bring about hope and change in people's lives. 

Jewellery is available everywhere these days and it's cheap too. I often bought random bits and pieces when I was younger and I know the temptation is there but this planet's resources will not last forever. And, do you really want to wear something that goes green in about 3 days anyway? 

If you're looking for something special as a gift, or just because you thoroughly deserve it, have a peak at Lines & Current website... you might find just what you've been looking for.