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More slow living, less supermarkets


A new years resolution I intend to stick to. 

I have never made New Year's resolutions before, not because I don't go through the same 'new year, new me' thought process that we all struggle to avoid, but because I can never think of anything that I can really commit to. Over the past few years I have become increasingly aware of what I buy - where it comes from, what's in it and who it's made by. So this year I have decided to boycott all supermarkets. 99% of the time I have absolutely no idea about the origins of the products available which just does not make any sense. (To be clear this does not involve places like Hisbe, Infinity Foods  or As Nature Intended which are technically supermarkets). 

Although it may sound like a rather drastic move, it's something I have built up to gradually throughout 2016 by buying all my food from local markets, farms or health food stores. Avoiding supermarkets was the next logical step. The more I learn about how food is grown and products are produced the less I want to go near a supermarket.

Easier said than done. I know. Whilst doing my very best to support local producers I, like most, occasionally find myself popping into a supermarket to grab something I had forgotten to buy at the market or that I suddenly needed to make the dinner I really fancied that evening. Whilst at the time it's convenient having that option available it's also proof that we have become lazy and so used to having everything we need right there, all the time and at a low cost. We know it doesn't added up and that someone, somewhere is losing out whether it be the farmers, the animals or ourselves because of the low quality products we buy. But when we get home late, starving and really fancy a pizza that will take 20 mins to cook in the oven with minimal effort on our part, then it's hard to resist the temptation.

This is where the first part of the title of this post comes in. More slow living. I've started planning meals whilst buying food at markets so I don't over-buy or end up wasting valuable produce, and, making the most of what I've got in the house rather than popping out for anything extra. This is also a huge help with cost. Avoiding supermarkets, although it can be, does not have to be expensive. The lifestyle that comes with it lends itself to wasting less food and wasting less money on things you don't need and that are not good for you. 

It's only been 12 days but so far it's been a small yet successful change and I hope it will encourage others to try and avoid supermarkets when possible. If everyone starts supporting their local farmers and communities, supermarkets will have less control over small producers and the ingredients they use to create their products.