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Reverse advent calendar


It's that time of year again! The time of year we excessively buy things we don't need. This year, it's time for a change. 

Over the past week I have felt bombarded with adverts for advent calendars. Advent calendars that contain chocolate produced in unethical ways, that are wrapped in plastic that can't be disposed of and are from companies that, whilst promoting the joy of Christmas, do very little to bring joy to their employees and suppliers. (rant over) 

Luckily I follow a brilliant band of people on Twitter and the term Reverse Advent Calendar started popping up in my feed. I was intrigued and read into it a little further. I found that a number of charities were encouraging people to join in with what is a selfless twist on the original advent calendar. 

So, how do they work? 

  1. Find a charity you would like to donate to and find out what they need most
  2. Grab a cardboard box (decorate it if you're feeling creative/have the time)
  3. Add one item to the box each day for 24 days (maybe add in something special for 25th too)
  4. On 24th deliver you box to a local charity/organisation that will be able to give it to someone in need

I found a number of charities that encourage you to fill your box with 1 item a day until 24th December and then take it to your nearest collection point. But, others were insisting you started this at some point during November so collections could be made early (understandable). I didn't get a chance to begin in November and nor will anyone who has only found about this today so here are a list of charities in the UK that are offering a collection on 24th December or that could always use general donations. 

One Can Trust
Changing Lives  
Trussel Trust

If there are no collection points near you then I suggest contacting a local charity/organisation in your area and asking what they need and when you can deliver your box. These things are not always easy but that's not the point so make an effort to find the charity that needs your help, there will be one. 

This time of year, whilst joyful for a lot of us, can be the most depressing for others. Let's turn that around together and help those less fortunate. 

I really look forward to seeing everyone's progress so remember to let me know how you're getting on by tagging @wildgreyskies on Instagram or Twitter. Thank you. 

Happy 1st December everyone!